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Books about Russian history

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Russian history

A History of Russia
by Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky

Drawing on both primary sources and major interpretive works, the sixth edition of A History of Russia updates its extensive coverage of the social, economic, cultural, political, and military events of Russia's past.

List Price: $61.95

Russian history

A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924

Written in a narrative style that captures both the scope and detail of the Russian revolution, Orlando Figes's history is certain to become one of the most important contemporary studies of Russia as it was at the beginning of the 20th century.

List Price: $17.50

Russian history

Chronicle of the Russian Tsars: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Russia

This new Chronicle documents the lives of tsars famous and infamous in a lively series of biographical portraits stretching from the late fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries.

List Price: $24.47

Russian history

Kings of the Kremlin: Leaders from Ivan the Terrible to Boris Yeltsin

In its 850 years as the seat of power on Russia, the Kremlin has seen almost constant drama and intrigue; the very being of the nation has centered upon it and been molded by those ruling from within.

List Price: $20.97

Russian history

Lost Splendor: The Amazing Memoirs of the Man Who Killed Rasputin
by Prince Felix Youssoupoff

The fascinating first-person account of the cross-dressing prince who poisoned Rasputin with rose cream cakes laced with cyanide and spiked Madeira is now back in print.

List Price: $15.37

Russian history

by Mikhail Gorbachev

There may be no more enigmatic public figure than Mikhail Gorbachev. This leader who guided the Soviet Union out of the quagmire of socialism and paved the way for the liberation of Eastern Europe is forgotten, even reviled, in his own land.

List Price: $27.95

Russian history

Putin's Russia
by Lilia Shevtsova

In Putinís Russia, Lilia Shevtsova, one of Russiaís top political analysts and award-winning journalists, examines how, under Putin, the country vacillates between optimism and anguish, hope and resentment.

List Price: $19.95

Russian history

Russia: An Illustrated History
by Joel Carmichael

List Price: $13.54

Russian history

Tsar: The Lost World of Nicholas and Alexandra
by Peter Kurth (Author)

It's easy now to indulge in nostalgia about the era of the Romanovs, and the sheer lushness of this gorgeous book is enough to encourage the indulgence.

List Price: $20.97

Russian history

The Rasputin File
by Edvard Radzinsky (Author)

From the bestselling author of Stalin and The Last Tsar comes The Rasputin File, a remarkable biography of the mystical monk and bizarre philanderer whose role in the demise of the Romanovs and the start of the revolution can only now be fully known.

List Price: $11.20

Russian history

The Romanovs: Love, Power & Tragedy

A beautiful look at the last Imperial Family of Russia. Anyone with an interest in Nicholas and Alexandra would love to own this book.

List Price: $69.95

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