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Russian customs, holidays and traditions

Those who are interested in Russian crafts can note that they have roots in Russian traditions and history. In order to make easier understanding of subjects and styles of Russian lacquer boxes, nesting dolls, brooches, eggs we try to select necessary information and place in this section. This part of the site is devoted to Russian history, customs, religion and traditions. Now the list of articles is short but with time it may get longer. You can help to fill this list if you send your questions, just fill the form or send an e-mail message





Russian Christmas

When Russian Christmas is celebrated, what dishes are served for Christmas Eve, some words about Russian New Year and Russian Father Frost


Kazanskaya Icon

History of one of the most favorite and popular Russian icon Kazanskaya


Marriage in the Orthodox Church

Description of wedding ceremony in Russian Orthodox church


St. Nicholas

Story of life of the most know in Russia Saint Nicholas who was not Russian but consider to be from Russia.


Russian bear fight

A little bit strange old Russian fun with bears


History of Russian Orthodox Church

Why Russian Orthodox Church is different from other Christian missions, its short history.


Russian bath

Why Russians like to have hot bath, what's Russian bath and how it works


Romanov Dynasty

Short description of Romanov Russian tsars dynasty


Russian spirits

Description of Russian spirits, they still exist, to be correct people still believe that they exist


Old wedding ceremony

How it was made in old Russia


Russian National Holidays

Main Russian national (official) holidays and what they mean


Education in Russia

Educational system in Russia


Russian cuisine and Russian cooking recipes

Most popular recipes of Russian cuisine.



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